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What to expect from a visit to the Vet?

How to choose the right Veterinarian in Rancho CucamongaThere are ways you can make a trip to the veterinarian in rancho cucamonga much easier on you and your pet. You can expect that the vet is going to give them a full once over and maybe more depending on what the issue is and what they find in the examination process. Here, we will touch on what you can do to make things go more seamlessly and what to expect when you get there.


  • Get them handle-friendly: Being man-handled for some animals especially our independent feline friends can be challenging. So, prior to any vet visit—way before there is one in their future you must incorporate several things into the training process. This is for any animal. Make sure they are used to getting touched and handled. Make sure you are getting them used to taking car rides and getting transported.
  • When you arrive: You will be expected to take note that there will be all kinds of other pets and people in the office. If your pet isn’t used to that they may have an issue. You are expected to keep the pet on their leash or in the cage or transporter you brought them in. Causing a problem in the waiting room is a pretty big no-no.
  • Talk to the vet assistant: When you call the vet for an appointment ask the vet assistant that answers the phone for any advice about the situation and what to expect when you get there. Make sure they tell you what you need to bring and what is allowed and not allowed.
  • Take notes from the vet: Make sure you are absorbing what the vet is telling you. Make sure you get or take down written instructions while you talk to them so that you are giving the correct dose of meds or the right food and especially pay attention to anything that may be of danger to your pet. There is a lot of information coming at you at once sometimes but animals are like children in this case.



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