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How to Choose Steak and Seafood | Tips for Choosing and Cooking

Dig into the softest and lip smacking Steak/Seafood in Rancho Cucamonga Most people love to go out and have steak and seafood in Rancho Cucamonga. But, sometimes it’s a treat to cook it. People are intimidated by the cooking of both a good piece of steak or fish. It’s either an undercooking or overcooking so how do you win? Well, we can’t teach you how to cook every type of meat or fish but there are things to know about choosing it and cooking it that we can tell you here which will prove to be a great help.

  • Choosing Steak: Steak in a grocery store should always be checked for date as well as freshness. Next you should never see dark patches on the meat where the blood has pooled. This also denotes it may be older than they are telling you.
  • Cooking Steak: Thicker cuts of meat should be seared in a pan on both sides for sealing the juices in before being broiled or baked. Don’t ever poke the meat it will dry out. Use a thermometer for the temp so you know it’s done according to recipe. When you take it out—let it sit about 15 minutes so the juices circulate back into the meat before you cut it.
  • Choosing Fish: If you choose a whole fish—check for two things. One is a clear eye. Foggy eye means old fish and of course the second thing is smell. If you can actually smell the fishiness then you shouldn’t buy it.
  • Cooking Fish: Fresh fish that is high-quality should not be over cooked. You can generally cook a one ½ inch to 1 inch thick piece of fish no more than 4-5 minutes each side if pan searing with pink in the middle. If it’s fillets—no more than a 1-2 minutes on each side. If in the oven, no more than 15 minutes for a ½ to 2 inch piece or 6 minutes for very thin fillets at 400 degrees.

Always be aware that ordering any undercooked foods at a restaurant can lead to foodborne illness.

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