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How to Choose a Reputable Plumber

say goodbye to your plumbing woes with the finest plumbers in rancho cucamongaThe plumbing in your home is a delicate thing. Finding a reputable plumber in Rancho Cucamonga is like hiring the right mechanic for your car. Get the wrong guy and you have issues going forward that will only cost you more. Doing this properly doesn’t have to be an issue. There are only a few things you need to know.

  • Licensing: Not every state requires a plumber to have a license. If you live in New York or Kansas then you may want to check them out with the Better Business Bureau before you hire them. This way, you can weed out the weeds and not have a “Jack of all Trades-Master of None” messing around with your pipes.
  • Your Estimate: First, you should get at least three estimates. Compare them and make sure you aren’t choosing the one that has a far lower price than everyone else. You don’t want a plumber using bad or refurbished parts that won’t last. You get what you pay for with some things in life and plumbing is one of them.
  • Insurance: The importance of this can’t be stressed enough. In fact, try to get one that is both licensed and insured. This way if an accident occurs, both of you are protected.
  • Longevity: Try to get a company that has been in business a while. This typically means the track record is worthy.
  • Check References: Don’t be sheepish about checking references. A reputable company will never refuse you a reference. This is a serious undertaking and you want to talk to people that have actually had their work.
  • Get a Warranty: Any plumber worth his or her salt will give you a warranty. That warranty should be on parts and be good for at least one year. Some plumbers have maintenance plans that are good for a few years at a time in case anything goes wrong. This would be for bigger jobs like water heaters and other appliances they may have to work on.

Follow these 6 simple guidelines and reduce your future stress and plumbing costs.

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