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Glasses Versus Contacts What You Should Know

With Optometrists in Rancho Cucamonga you can be assured of the best eye care servicesMost people have to choose at some point to get glasses or contacts. It can be a daunting choice and though we won’t be telling you what is actually better because it’s a relative thing, we will help you weigh out the differences. There is no one reason for having either one. It’s a matter of personal choice either way. It’s also good to know that people with chronic dry eyes can’t always wear glasses. It can threaten your site. This is why you first obtain an eye exam from rancho cucamonga optometric center.


Glasses are the choice for people who maybe don’t have to wear them all the time. Typically those who do have to wear them to actually see— regardless of what they’re doing have been wearing them most of their lives. Glasses are a good option if you only have to wear them to read or to drive. Some people get what they call computer glasses because they are doing very close work on the computer all day. This can cause a worsening myopia to those that are near sighted. This means you can see close up but have issues with far away vision. But, some people actually prefer to wear contacts so they don’t have to keep track of the glasses. Some are just too busy to want to think about carrying them and putting them on each time they drive or want to read something.  To many it’s a matter of convenience.


Contacts are a viable solution for people with bad enough vision that they have to wear glasses all the time. These can be extended wear contacts that need to be maintained very carefully so that they don’t get an eye infection. If they opt to they can get on a contact program that allows them to wear disposables that are replaced at the end to the day. This is determined by the result of the eye exam. The optometrist will determine what is best for the health of the eyes; the strength needed to correct the vision; and the lifestyle of the person.

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