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Why and how often do you need an Oil Change

Regular Oil Change in Rancho Cucamonga is very important to increase the longevity of your automobileThere are a few things you need to know about oil change rancho Cucamonga. So many people have suffered the loss of a still good car that could have given them many more years of memories. Why? Because they have failed the oil change. Here you’ll get the information that you may know and some points you may not have realized that could cause issues for you.

  • Test your oil: The weather, temperature and environment has a lot to do with the consistency of your oil. Test the oil and make sure it isn’t too thick and that it is to the line in the dipstick. Also, look for a golden yellow color not black. Black is sludge.
  • Know the habits of your vehicle: The vehicle you own will also have a definite impact on your oil consumption. There are models that just seem to burn or evaporate oil faster. And by burn, we mean consume. You won’t typically see black smoke or smell anything. It just evaporates. Know your vehicle. When you buy it, do the research, go into online forums for a bit and see if anyone has any words about your model.
  • Know how often to change it: Most people go to the X amount of miles before changing the oil. In a brand new car this may make some sense. But, for older, used cars this is really no longer valid. Older cars will work harder and the oil gets dirty quicker when it’s circulated around older parts. The best way to deal with this is to check the oil at least every 10 days. Just look at it and it its low, top it up with new oil but do not continue to do this because it will eventually kill the car. This is just so you don’t have a breakdown. Get it changed when you see it low and turning less than at least a light brown.
  • Get a regular place: Get a place and stay there so they know your car and you.



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