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How to choose the best Moving Company

Get quotes from the best Movers in Rancho Cucamonga to save time and moneyChoosing the best movers rancho Cucamonga is easy with a just a few good pieces of advice. You don’t want just anyone handling your personal items; you want to do some research and think about the things that most people take for granted.

  1. Legalities: Anyone can grab a truck and have them and their relatives start a moving company. And if they are family run that doesn’t mean they are no good. The point is, just advertising yourself as a moving company because you have a truck and a bunch of people is meaningless. But, people do it. So, we suggest looking into the company to make sure they are a real company and that they are properly insured to move your belongings.
  2. Longevity: Take a look to see how long they are in service. If they’ve been around over 5 years in the same city, then you have a pretty good chance they haven’t had too many bad calls.
  3. Better Business Bureau: This is one time the BBB is really important. Who has lodged complaints about the company and why? Has anyone given them Kudos? Do they belong to the local Chamber of Commerce? Have they gotten any special notice?
  4. Can they handle your move? There are some movers which have limited capability. Do you know if they have the equipment and the people to handle your situation?
  5. Do they use partners? This means if they tell you they can handle the move but, don’t have the people or equipment to handle it—this means you may be dealing with the mover using contracted workers to compensate for that. At that point you need to refuse them for the job, they may be properly insured but, should something happen you don’t want to be palmed off to another company to file a claim and be in the shuffle forever. This is a very real issue so you need to ask straight away whether they use other companies to assist them. If they are moving, you across the country or overseas then obviously this would be the case. If it is—then make sure they are using a company with a good name. Contact that company and make sure you know every step of the move.

Bottom-line research, research and research

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