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Myths about Italian Food Busted

Savour on the best Italian Food in Rancho Cucamonga and grab some great deals too.Any Italian food we eat anywhere outside of Italy or the European Union may not actually be the same food eaten in Italy. When Italians came to the states they had to find ways to make the same foods they did at home. But, this was challenging especially since they grew a lot of their own herbs and vegetables. They also raised their own cattle. Landing in a strange country, they had a lot of improvising to do. But, from that was born some of the best Italian soul food you’ve ever tasted. Some of those foods were modified greatly to bring us some of the most popular foods that we have today. Here we’ll bust a couple of myths and let you in on some Italian food in Rancho Cucamonga food facts.


  • Meatballs: Did you know that though you can find the meatball even in Italy—the meatball is not an Italian thing. It was a way for people to fortify the meals that can go farther and cheaper. There are so many recipes for meatballs that are from pine nut stuffed to raisins and garlic mixed on to make them juicy and aromatic. But these are not indigenous to Italy. There is a similar food that is a piece of skirt steak pounded out and stuffed with these same ingredients. They are rolled up and secured with toothpicks and dropped into the sauce to flavor it. Then it is eaten.
  • Pizza: Italians don’t eat the portions Americans do. They are smaller. Pizza is no exception. Here, we made this small personal pizza size snack food a fast food iconic dish. We supersized it and covered it with a lot of toppings they don’t use. We now have more pizza recipes than we can imagine and major pizza chains are coming up with more every day just to compete with each other. The original pizza is a very thin crust a thin coating of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. We; however, have made the pizza an American staple for generations and a favorite forever.



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