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Choosing the right Dog Trainer

How to choose the best Dog Training in Rancho Cucamonga You wouldn’t think there was that much into dog training rancho cucamonga but there is. Depending on the breed—the temperament and the history on the dog—it can be a challenging experience. Doing it right the first time is also important. Why? Because if you don’t you’ll have to pay to re-train and sometimes that doesn’t work out so well. Each dog is unique—even those of the same breed.

Here are some helpful tips to make things easier.


  • Be clear about what you want out of the training: Being clear with yourself about what you want the dog to learn is imperative. This means the trainer can be laser clear and focus on just what they want to teach them. You’ll also get a better trained dog for your personality and their environment.
  • What are you ok with the trainer doing or tools used: Some people are uber humanitarian and feel that using certain collars and leads and techniques is harmful to the animal? Yes this is the case for many. You need a trainer that you can comfortably express what you feel and allow them to find an alternative.
  • Make sure you get referrals: Regardless of how good the website looks or how fabulous the testimonials are—you won’t have a better chance than with a referral. This is a way to see the dogs that this person have trained. They are the real testimonial. How poopsie acts when your friend brings her to your house is all the testimonial you will ever need.
  • You are supposed to be present: Not only that, you are supposed to be a part of the whole process. After all your dog also needs to see that their Alpha is there and must listen to your commands after the trainer leaves and for long after he or she is done.
  • Check the documentation on the trainer: Check the creds on the trainer. Make sure everything is in order by the state or country you reside in. The right education is important so that quality is assured.



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